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New artwork installation

A new piece of artwork appeared at Ulley this weekend (29th of January), it isn’t known who created the stone pillar but it is an interesting feature! How long will it last? The answer – not long! It didn’t survive a week!

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Bean Goose – rare visitor to Ulley

Mike Smethurst spotted a rare visitor at Ulley recently, a Tundra race Bean Goose was feeding with five Pink-Footed Geese among the Greylag Geese in the Park. Mike has not seen one of these for nearly 20 years and it is a new species for the Park. Luckily Mike manged to

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Successful first Cafe Day of 2017

The first Cafe Day of 2017 was not blessed with the best of weather but, after a slow start, there was a lot of visitors enjoying the homemade refreshments in the warmth of the Visitors Centre, proving once again how popular the Cafe Days have become. The Friends crafts and

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