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Encore sing at August Cafe Day

Popular local choir gave another excellent performance at the Friends Cafe Day in August, entertaining the many visitors that braved the blustery conditions in the Spillway.   Kate O’Brien held a storytelling session in the Visitors Centre with a Lost Book Library available for children to choose a new book

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Improvements at Ulley

The Friends have finally completed a project to improve the entrance into the Park by paving the rough path over the by-wash channel. The work was carried out by the Community Payback team who also refurbished the adjacent steps and painted the timber fencing. Thanks to Glyn Staves and his

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Ulley on Sky News

The problems at Toddbrook reservoir near Whaley Bridge prompted Sky News to come to Ulley and interview Chair, Bobbie Hillman, and Secretary, Paul Nash, about the flood in 2007. There are obvious similarities between the situation at Toddbrook and the near failure at Ulley. Sky reporter Gerard Hogg was keen

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Dragonfly walk and The Ukulele Lady at July Cafe Day

Mike Smethurst led a walk round the park at the Friends July Cafe Day, trying to spot and photograph dragonflies and other large insects. A small but enthusiastic group did discover a few insects but Mike’s moth trap proved to be very popular, containing many different moths that he had

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Poem for Ulley

There’s something bubbling in the reservoir There’s something smoking way afar It’s green It’s got huge teeth Some on top Some beneath   It’s cool It’s got long hair Some up here Some down there   It has got a message on a stick I’m feeling really pretty sick. It’s

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The first Ulley Arts Festival, organised by the friends of Ulley Country Park was a huge success with brilliant weather over the weekend that encouraged visitors to come and enjoy the performances, activities and displays. The focal point was The Spillway, the outdoor performance area created in the Park, in

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Tai Chi and garden plants at June Cafe Day

The weather improved for the Friends Cafe Day, after a very dismal week, and Brian Brookes provided a large range of garden plants for the popular plant stall. Julia Forrest also brought a selection of homegrown plants and the stall raised nearly £175 for the Park. Brian gave his expert

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The programme of events and activities for the Arts Festival weekend in Ulley Country Park is as follows:- FRIDAY 28th JUNE at 7pm IAN McMILLAN + LUKE CARVER GOSS  “Between You and Me” Poet, broadcaster & comedian Ian McMillan and Olympic composer Luke Carver Goss present a hilarious night of

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Popular Bus Pass Buskers perform at May Cafe Day

The Bus Pass Buskers gave two marvelous performances in The Spillway at the May Cafe Day in front of a large, appreciative, audience. Their range of music from a golden era was well received and many joined them in singing familiar songs. They made a great contribution towards another successful

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Chilly April Cafe Day

Despite some Spring sunshine there was a definite chill in the air for the Bird Watching walk at the Friends Cafe Day. Sue Parker led a hardy group round the Park, spotting many species of birds along the way, before returning to the Visitors Centre for warming drinks and some

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